Restoration And Repair

Over time windows need repairs, refurbishment and sometimes restoration. Stained Glass Supplies offers these services.

For single pane breaks, repairs can be carried out in situ at your premises. Normally a site visit is required to determine the extent of the damage and the best glass to use for the repair. Usually a quotation can be given at the time of the visit.

More extensive repairs may require the panel to be brought into the studio for work. Although an indicative estimate will be given at the time of visit, a quotation will only be given when the panel is on the work bench and can be thoroughly assessed. A time scale will be indicated at the same time.

Occasionally, only a general refurbishment of the panel is required, such as cleaning and re-cementing. This can often be done in situ, but will depend on the exact requirements of the panel.

Restoration is normally a more extensive piece of work that may involve re-leading the whole panel, repainting some parts, repairing broken pieces, glueing important pieces and so generally using as much of the original glass as possible while placing it in a secure lead matrix.  Such things as protective glazing can be considered for the re-installation of the panel.

A quotation will be given when the panel has been thoroughly inspected on the workbench, along with an indication of the time scale.